Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting Ready and Patiently Waiting

The old saying goes, Anything worth having is worth waiting for. Just like that old saying, I have to know that the sweet baby that is meant for our arms is worth the wait, no matter how long it takes or what we go through. When we meet for the first time I know my heart will melt and that precious child will forever be ours. Setbacks may come and I’m sure we will have ups and downs during this time, but one day, one day we will have our precious baby.

No matter the ups and downs, we are FULL of hope. We WILL keep on keeping on, persevering until we bring our baby home. We've started planning our baby’s nursery, not too girly, not rough and tough boyish, but a super cute and bright neutral nursery that can be glammed up with ribbons and bows or can have a few boyish charms added in if need be. We've decided to paint the nursery apple green and white. Exciting news...here is a picture of our crib set that arrived today!!!! Today of all days. We can’t wait to get the painting underway and find the perfect crib!

The nursery will be perfect for our little Ava Marie or Jackson Wayne...yes, we have picked our names!