Saturday, September 5, 2009

An Adoption Prayer

I found this adoption poem today and thought it appropriate and very well stated.

"If you are fortunate and have children of your own thank God for them. If you have been given the chance to welcome a child in need of a family I thank God for you. If you know someone who wants to adopt a child join them in prayer for the day to come soon in which they will receive this child as their own. May all people involved in making little miracles happen be blessed by the Lord."
We both need all of your prayers during this time. We want to keep our eye on the big picture and that is to find that special little baby that God has in store for us. Although this process is difficult and we don't always understand WHY, we know that God has a plan. We have to remind ourselves that in time that plan will unfold and that one day we will have our family.
Please pass our adoption blog along to your friends and family and remember to keep us in your prayers. God Bless!